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Vineyard listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site

The terraced vineyard of Lavaux was added in 2007 to the UNESCO World Heritage of Mankind list.  For more than 1000 years, humans have taken over and transformed this land into the biggest continuous vineyard in Switzerland.  Nearly 180 families still grow its native grape variety, chasselas, make some of the best wines in Switzerland, work the 450 km of heritage walls and the more than 10 000 terraces which make this cultural landscape the exceptional site you see before you.

Guided tours in Lavaux

The Lavaux World Heritage association and its qualified guides can offer you personalised visits all year long and public visits from May to October.

Visiting Lavaux with a qualified guide is a dramatic and inspiring experience.  Leaving from typical little winegrowing villages, you make your way through sumptuous landscapes with a unique atmosphere, while learning what it is that makes this place so exceptional, and why it is listed as a World Heritage of Mankind site.

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© David Bochud 
Visites guidées
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© William Gamutto sàrl

Visit Maison Lavaux

Immerse yourself in the human and cultural history at the heart of the Lavaux site, a terraced vineyard, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The many facets of the Maison Lavaux exhibition will inspire you and surprise you.

Learn about the history, the main landscapes, the issues around protecting Lavaux and many other aspects of this spectacular region.

Maison Lavaux

Taste the wines of Lavaux

The wine growers of Lavaux welcome you and invite you to discover the fruits of their labour in the magnificent vineyard of Lavaux.

Discover Chasselas, this exceptional grape variety born on the steep slopes of Lavaux.  Other surprises await you in the many cellars, vaults and wine tasting locations, which will all throw their doors open to you.

© David Bochud 


Since 2013, the Lavaux World Heritage association (LPm) has made great efforts to preserve, enhance and ensure a coordinated development of the site “Lavaux, terraced vineyard”.

The preservation of the exceptional terraced vineyard of Lavaux and maintaining its position on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites is the result of major consistent day-to-day work on the part of all bodies and Lavaux stakeholders.  LPm strives to collaborate, coordinate and guarantee the preservation of the site for, but also with future generations. 

Lavaux listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site 

Lavaux has been listed since 2007 as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

On the 22nd September 2007, the whole region celebrated Lavaux being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It all began in 2003 with an approach made to the Confederation and to ICOMOS, with the objective of applying to have Lavaux listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  

After being considered at a national level, the application was approved by the Confederation.  Accordingly, the Association committee for listing Lavaux undertook major work in order to put together the bid package and answer the principal questions justifying this recognition.   

The area listed straddles two districts: Lavaux-Oron and Riviera-Pays-d’Enhaut.  It extends over ten communes: Lutry, Bourg-en-Lavaux (which includes the former communes of Cully, Epesses, Grandvaux, Riex et Villette), Chexbres, Puidoux, Rivaz, Saint-Saphorin, Chardonne, Corseaux, Corsier-sur-Vevey and Jongny. 

Become a member of the association

Join a network of committed stakeholders.  Participate in the future of the vineyard and its activities and help to preserve and maintain the tangible and intangible treasures of Lavaux.

By becoming a member, you will be informed about the activities and publications of the Lavaux World Heritage association.  You will be able to contribute your ideas and opinions at the General Assembly or on other occasions.

From CHF 50 per annum, participate in the preservation of a living cultural landscape and in the development of harmonious interaction between the inhabitants of Lavaux and their environment.

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