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Tourism and promotion

The Sustainable Tourism Programme, adopted in 2012 at the 36th session of the World Heritage Committee, states that "organized in a responsible manner, tourism can be a driving force for the preservation and conservation of cultural and natural heritage and a vehicle for sustainable development. Unplanned or poorly managed, however, it can disrupt social, cultural and economic life and have devastating effects on fragile environments and local communities.” Tourism is steadily increasing in the Lavaux and our association is committed to ensuring that tourism development emphasises a balance between preservation and development.

To this end, the proposals developed are always in keeping with the principles of outstanding universal value. Our association uses tourism as a way of raising public awareness and working to protect the landscape. Visits led by our heritage guides remain the most effective way to do this today. In 2017, more than 3,000 people learnt about the importance of respecting and protecting the region, which ultimately can have a real impact on local people and winegrowing families.


Our association makes it a point of honour to stimulate the wine economy, which owes its steadily improving results to tourism. More than 80% of guided tours end with a wine tasting, thus fostering an exchange between the public and winegrowers. LWH works mainly with certified "wine tourism" structures and aims to simplify contact between visitors and wine professionals. In collaboration with the Wine Commission (CVVL), our association coordinates various promotional events at both a regional and national level in order to provide support to locals and winegrowing families in the region. Through its network, it aims to help the renown and visibility of local wine-making structures.

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The competent and sustainable management of the site is essential in order to preserve and promote the cultural landscape of the Lavaux. The management strategy is constantly evolving and adapting to all issues related to the protection of the site. This necessitates a balance between 4 poles: the environment, economic vitality, residents and heritage.

This balance is carefully preserved thanks to the scientific monitoring of the site. The association has therefore set up a privileged partnership with the University of Lausanne in order to follow the evolution of the Lavaux site as closely as possible. The data collected will also be used to adapt the management plan to the current context. This plan defines the strategy used for the preservation and promotion of the listed site. The aim of the plan is to provide a vision of the future of the region in keeping with the environment, the wine-growing economy, the residents and tradition, as well as being a reference document for the municipalities, the Canton of Vaud and the Confederation.  A review of the current plan, which dates from 2007, is currently ongoing.

In addition, our association is committed to maintaining quality relationships with involved parties and partners such as the Confederation, the Canton, the municipalities, the residents, as well as professionals in cultural and academic institutions and in the fields of viticulture, tourism, the economy. The Lavaux World Heritage site collaborates with all the key elements involved and, as such, has as unifying role and a panoramic vision of the life of the site. The association believes that the appropriate management of Lavaux must include all those affected by the site. It also maintains relations with other UNESCO listed sites in Switzerland and around the world.

Cultural mediation

Cultural mediation aims to promote understanding of the Outstanding Universal Value of the Lavaux landscape. Thanks to the various different projects and activities we organise, the public is becoming increasingly aware of the cultural wealth of the site and the importance of preserving it and passing it on to future generations. 

Temporary photographic exhibitions on winegrowers’ work over the seasons or displays of vintage photographs allow the public a new perspective on Lavaux. The Vign'nature Park was created with the aim of making visitors, whether children or adults, aware of the environment around them, putting the discovery of the vine, from the root to the fruit, at the heart of the experience. A wide range of themes are inspired by participation of the Lavaux World Heritage in events such as World Heritage Days or European Heritage Days.

Our association is committed to developing events and activities for everyone. We aim to raise as much awareness as possible of the universal nature of Lavaux by organising events and both temporary or permanent activities. We also guarantee quality scientific content by collaborating with specialists, so that we can truly claim to be a veritable laboratory of Lavaux knowledge. Likewise, Lavaux World Heritage offers the Lavaux Heritage Guides basic training by prominent specialists as well as constant ongoing training.

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