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enjoy a pleasant trip to lavaux

The vineyards are shaped by those men and women of the region who have tamed the hills and created the vineyards. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lavaux, with its terraced vineyards, is a living cultural landscape, where people live and work.


To protect Lavaux, its vines and the work of its winegrowers, please observe these rules:


  • While walking through the vineyards, please stay on the marked footpaths and trails. The vines are all private property.


  • The vines require a great deal of careful maintenance throughout the year. The grapes are the livelihoods of the winegrowers. Please do not touch them or take them. The nets are there to protect the grapes, there is no need to remove them.


  • Want to have a picnic in the vineyards? There are dedicated areas for this purpose. We would also appreciate it if you could pick up your waste and put it in the next bin or take it away with you.


  • For your safety, when working on the vines, it is important to respect the winegrower's instructions.


  • The best way to discover Lavaux is on foot! Please leave your car in the parking spaces provided. Only winegrower's vehicles are permitted to drive on the vineyard roads.


Lavaux is not a place to visit, but to experience! Have fun!

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