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Outstanding Universal Value

The terraced vineyards of Lavaux are a cultural landscape that exemplify regional evolution and development over nearly a thousand years. They are characterised by carefully preserved scenery and buildings, as well as the continuation and adaptation of ancient cultural traditions specific to the area. Therefore, this landscape  vividly demonstrates the authority, control and protection of this much-loved wine-growing region, which had a significant influence on the development of Lausanne and the surrounding region. The site has played an important role in the region's geo-cultural history and, in recognition of its fragility in the face of rapidly growing agglomerations, has been the focus of exceptional grassroots conservation efforts.


Source: Extract from the declaration of Outstanding Universal Value of Lavaux

Outstanding Universal Value (hereafter referred to as OUV) describes an object of such exceptional cultural and/or natural importance that it transcends national frontiers and is invaluable to current and future generations of all humankind! As such, the protection of this heritage is of the utmost importance to the entire international community.


To evaluate the OUV, 10 criteria have been put in place by UNESCO: 6 cultural and 4 natural. When a site is included on the World Heritage List, the Committee adopts a Statement of Outstanding Universal Value which then serves as the main future reference for the effective protection and management of the site.


Source: Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention

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