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"To pass a living cultural landscape - the fruit of our interaction with the land - on to future generations"

Lavaux Patrimoine mondial Association is responsible for the management of the "Lavaux, Vineyard Terraces" site, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lavaux Patrimoine mondial Committee has members from a diverse range of backgrounds, from public institutions to from within the fields of viticulture, tourism, culture and academia. The Committee thus reflects the challenges, commitments and expectations of all those linked to the site. Everyone is involved in conserving and promoting the site! The Lavaux World Heritage Association aims to unify the site: residents of the site are encouraged to become members and to get involved in the future of their region.

LPm association aims to fulfil the mission entrusted to it by UNESCO, when "Lavaux, Vineyard Terraces" was declared a world heritage site in 2007. It aims to preserve the constantly evolving and developing living cultural landscape and foster the continuing harmonious interaction between the residents and the environment


Lpm is responsible for promoting all that which makes Lavaux such a unique and exceptional cultural landscape (the history, vineyards, transport, etc.) and conveying such interest to the public.

Action Plan (FRENCH)


LPm promotes collaboration between the different people involved in the site (winegrowers, residents, public administrations, institutions, tourists) to ensure unity in action.


LPm is the reference point for the municipalities, the Canton and the Confederation in all matters concerning the administration of the site (periodic reports, monitoring, etc.).

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