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vign'nature PARK

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As a part of our regional heritage, vines are an integral part of our cultural and historical landscape. However, despite being highly visible, they remain largely unknown to the general public. The park was created with the aim of making visitors, whether children or adults, aware of the environment around them, putting the discovery of the vine, from the root to the fruit, at the heart of the experience. Visitors can learn about the life cycle of the plant in a fun and educational manner and explore the various stages of growth, as well as the plant's natural resilience. The roots, branches, tendrils and buds, leaves and sugars, flowers and grapes will no longer hold any secrets!

Practical information


For classes: CHF 150 per tour guide* up to 25 students + supervisors

For groups: CHF 250 per tour guide up to 15 people


For classes: Approximately 1 hour

For groups: 1h30


In Cully, at the heart of the World Heritage site.

We are located next to the Maison Jaune (Rte de Lausanne 1)


CFF: S3, S2, Cully Station

CGN: Cully Landing

Car parking: Place de la Gare


The Vign'nature Park is only accessible in the afternoons from mid-August to the harvest in the end of September, by reservation and under the supervision of a guide.

Click here to make a reservation

*Preferential pricing for schools.

With the invaluable support of the Agroscope de Changins and the Centre de compétence vitivinicole et cultures spéciales of the Service de l'agriculture et viticulture de l'Etat de Vaud, both of which provide training for guides and facilitators.

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