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getting to lavaux

practical information


Get to Lavaux by train and opt for greener transport solutions. The RER Vaud train services run throughout the breath-taking landscapes of Lavaux and the Vaudoise Riviera. The S2 line (Vallorbe-Lausanne-Villeneuve) connects all the stations on the shores of Lake Geneva and the S3 line (Allaman-Lausanne-Villeneuve) the main stations. The S4  (Allaman-Lausanne-Villeneuve), S5 (Grandson-Lausanne-Palézieux) and S9 (Lausanne-Palézieux-Kerzers) lines climb up towards Puidoux and the S7 line runs through the vineyards of Lavaux, connecting Vevey and Puidoux, at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

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By boat

It is said that the Lavaux vineyards plunge into the lake. Take advantage the short distance between the water and the vineyards and travel by boat. Cruise schedules around Lake Geneva are available on the CGN website.

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The funicular leaves Vevey and climbs up to Mont-Pèlerin. On the way, it runs through Corseaux and Chardonne. The funicular truly reveals how steep the hillsides are in the Lavaux region!

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by bus

It is possible to reach Lutry with the No. 9 bus from Lausanne (travel times are longer than by train), or to go to Grandvaux with the No. 66 bus. It is also possible to reach Grandvaux with the No. 47 bus from Pully. Timetables and routes are available on the Lausanne transport website.

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Feel free to go for a bike ride on the specially designated bike trails! For longer distances, visit the Suissemobile website, and click on the heading "Cycling in Switzerland".

by car

We recommend that you use public transport to visit Lavaux. More information and purchasing options are available on If you choose to travel by car however, you can exit the motorway at Belmont or Vevey. From these exits, follow the signposts to reach one of the 5 car parks available (Cully, Lutry, Vinorama, Chexbres or Vevey).

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