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the committee

The committee is chaired by Mr Michel Chavanne, lawyer. The board has two vice-presidents, Mr B. Duboux, winegrower and president of the CVVL (Winegrowers Commission) and Mr. G. Vallélian, winegrower and mayor, as well as Mr B. Frund, vice-rector of the University of Lausanne, and Mr Ch. Sturny, director of Montreux Vevey Tourisme. The committee is composed of delegates from neighbouring municipalities and municipalities of the Lavaux Designation and representatives from the fields of wine, tourism, culture and academia. The majority of the members are residents of the site.


Chairman: Mr Michel Chavanne, lawyer specialising in labour law, practicing in Lausanne.

Three delegates from the municipalities included within the UNESCO perimeter;

- Ms Amélie Flückiger, Councillor of the commune of Chardonne

- Mr Raymond Bech, Councillor of the commune of Bourg-en-Lavaux

- Mr Gérald Vallélian, Mayor of the commune of St-Saphorin


A delegate from a municipality in the Lavaux designation, outside the UNESCO perimeter;

- Mr Vincent Imhof, Councillor of the Commune of Vevey 

A delegate from the Canton: 
- Ms Florence Gross, Member of the Grand Council (Vaud)

A delegate from the Community of Vine and Wine of Lavaux (CVVL);

- Mr Blaise Duboux, President of the CVVL

A delegate from Montreux - Vevey Tourism;

- Mr Christoph Sturny, Director of MVT

Two representatives of the wine institutions of Lavaux;

- Mr Jean-Marc Badoux, delegate of the Lavaux cellar-bars

- Mr Basile Monachon, President of the Lavaux Section of the Fédération Vaudoise des Vignerons (FVV) 

A representative of the cultural institutions of the Lavaux region;

- Ms Delphine Rivier, Director of the Pully Museums

A representative of academic institutions;

- Mr Benoît Frund, Vice-Rector of UNIL

External representatives;

- Mr Alain Schneider, President of the Société de développement de Chexbres, Puidoux, Rivaz et Saint-Saphorin 

- Mr Bernard Schmid Director of Promove, economic promotion Riviera-Lavaux



The committee is chaired by Michel Chavanne, lawyer. He works closely with the two vice-presidents, Mr. Duboux and Mr. Vallélian, winegrowers, as well as Mr. Frund, vice-rector of the University of Lausanne, and Mr. Sturny, director of Montreux Vevey Tourisme.

General Meeting - minutes

ANNUAL Reports
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