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© Raphaël Riva, 2018, Rivaz village and its surroundings.


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Film "Chasselas Forever"


The Chasselas, the most popular grape variety in Lavaux, was lucky enough to have a film by Florian Burion made about it:


This grape was the delight of the Ottoman sultans' table. François the 1st adorned his table and the sumptuous meals upon it with this grape. Chasselas has long been a source of stories and legends. Scientists, historians and winegrowers reveal the true origins of the grape variety that has become so emblematic of the vineyards of French-speaking Switzerland.

From Constantinople to the vine arbours of the Roy de Fontainebleau, following the banks of the Loire, exploring Burgundy and the French-speaking Swiss vineyards, the mystery of chasselas unfolds as the saga progresses. Never before did a camera get so close to a grape, never has the genetics of a grape variety been so closely examined.


From the seed to the grand cru, from the infinitely small to the universal, this is the story of chasselas as you have never seen it before.

chasselas forever.png

To purchase the DVD

To order the DVD of "Chasselas Forever" (languages available on DVD: French, English, German), please write to us at

For large orders, please contact Octuor Films directly at

DVD price: CHF 20.00, excluding shipping costs


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